Yes, you.  You love cutting-edge designs. You always have the intense urge to show your love for art, for patterns and structures. But you are not like everyone else. You look for something that battles the mainstream.  You like simple but not really. Dig it? Of course you do. You like anything that looks and feels fancy-schmancy but not over-the-top. You give two distal phalanges up for designs with individual character.
You are cool like that.
Yes, we. We live and breathe to design. We are game when it comes to lending a hand in delving the most inventive way of expressing style and function. We are not like everyone else. We make sure to stretch our skyline by way of introducing designs that are spanking new – new look, new silhouette, new approach. New is our sacred word. We like simple… with some bells and whistles of course. So yeah, we dig you. We offer designs that make any space look and feel like million dollars and no, you are not paying million dollars - only a couple of hundreds or thousands maybe. But hey, you are spending for something that is worthy of its value. Pinky swear. Our creative souls produce and sell designs that are definitely emulated, admired, criticized, but never ignored nor forgotten.
We are cool like that.
Yes, us.  You and I, we are the perfect blend.  We are one and the same.  We both are not tightly wrapped. We can color outside the lines and think beyond the box. We are what you’re looking for and you are what we need.  We are meant to be. So let's walk the talk, get down to 'biz, and prove to everyone else - especially those who don't think like us - that we are a rock-solid team with a rockstar project.
You and our company are cool like that.