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Dear valued client,

We are taking this chance to introduce our business to you.

TWENTY/ONE/SEVEN is an interior design company that centers into creating spaces that are not only visually appealing but also purposeful. We give our full attention to well-defined directives on the function, application, and composition of our design and materials. Our detailed and accurate construction drawing package serves as a reliable reference in scheduling and estimating the right amount of resources for our projects.

We value these three key elements: Design, Budget, and Timetable.

Our design services include the following:

§  Space layout preparation

§  Construction documentation

§  FF&E selection and specification

§  Millwork design production

§  Custom design & fabrication

§  Project coordination

PRICING: Starting rate is $30.00 per square footage. The rate is subject to an annual increase not to exceed 5%.

We do not purchase. However, part of our design package is to coordinate with the purchasing firm and contractor to provide approvals and submittals and maintain the standard workmanship and requirements involved in the project. Computer-generated 3D renderings may also be provided to further demonstrate the design concept. however, these renderings are not included in our basic design services, and if required, will be invoiced separately.

A more detailed proposal will be presented for client’s approval once the overall scope of work for your project has been outlined.

We hope that you would consider contacting us for any future opportunities, as we would be very pleased to present our design skills and offer a proposal that would be appreciated by your company.

We are eager to hear from you!


Initial consultation: 1st hour free; $150 to $250 for the next two hours.

Our rate for residential/staging varies according to the space, the number of areas to work on, and the amount of materials and scope of work required. Please contact us for more details.