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jean marilla

Principal Designer

Jean’s can-do attitude, design background, and business network is propelling TWENTY/ONE/SEVEN into new heights. Her vision goes beyond designing the aesthetics. Jean is thoughtful to each project’s goal and believes in creating spaces that evoke an emotional reaction. She stays away from designing anything static, repetitive, or too understated.

Most of Jean’s inspiration comes from her love of family and friends, travels, and passion for life.


christian marilla

Operations Manager

Christian specializes in crafting the studio goals, facilitates meetings and negotiations. His vision is to enhance the level of deliverables to clients and simplifies processes within the company.

Christian is a finance expert with a calm disposition that balances the studio’s energy.

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huma siraj

Associate Designer

Huma’s love for design comes from years of experience with a background in architecture. She respects the classic principle “form follows function” but recognizes and designs for today’s modern projects which need to serve numerous functions within each space.

Huma enjoys literature and working with her hands from sketching Mandala drawings to baking culinary creations.